Shenzhen Londian Electrics exhibited in the 2018 Hunan Chenzhou

With the great support from State Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, Hunan provincial development and Reform Commission, Hunan Economic and Credit Commission, Bureau of Organ Affairs of Hunan Province and Chenzhou government, and active participation by well-known enterprises, experts and association organizations in the industry and people in all walks of life, The first energy-saving and emission-reduction and green energy exhibition between 10th to 12th June in 2018 has perfectly completed.

In this exhibition, Shenzhen Londian Electrics Co., Ltd (Shenzhen Londian). showed the products that perfectly matched the topic and proposed the “Top green and blue sky” activity, also its boot was the first one at the right size of the main door and it had so many visitors. Shenzhen Londian showed the products which include DC/AC charging pile, Photovoltaic Power Station solution, “beautiful home” houses (assembly building), urban intelligent transportation system and so on. The general manager of Shenzhen Londian, Huaping Ma explains company’s products and vision when the municipal leaders visited and it was recognized and encouraged by the municipal leaders, also the municipal leaders have a great expectation on Shenzhen Londian and indicate that to fully utilize the high-end technology of energy-saving, omission reduction and green energy, equipment and facilities to satisfy the requirement of organizations and enterprises, to improve the development of energy conservation and environment protection and green energy in Chenzhen city, to push the update and transformation of the industry, and to achieve the high quality development.