Londian subsidiary corporation Xi 'an Lingruida 2019 private placement seminar

In March of 2019, the new round of "private placement meetings" held by Linruida Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Linruida) were successfully held in Changsha, Xi'an and Shenzhen.

The special guests invited to participate in this round of "private add-issuance" meeting are Mr. Zhou daoping whose the chairman of Shenzhen Londian Electrics Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Londian group), Mr. Ma huaping deputy general manager of Shenzhen Londian Electrics Co., Ltd., and friends from southwest securities. In addition, there are many senior investors and industry elites attending the meeting, the venue was full of talents, full seats. 

At the meeting, Mr. Zhou daoping said that "Maybe you missed Londian, but you met Lingruida." Mr. Zhou daoping said, the Lingruida is a "the same as Londian" which is a very potential company and is the main reason why Londian invested Lingruida; Secondly, investment should not only look at the company's industry and the company's current situation, but also analyze the company's leadership. Mr. Zhou daoping believes that Mr. Wang ruijun, the founder of Lingruida, and his leadership team are a group of people with responsibility, style, characteristics and responsibilities.

Later, Mr Zhou listed top ten reasons why invested Lingruida, including intelligent power supply system, energy storage power miniaturization, 5G power as the core product to the great interest of investors, leader Mr Rui-jun wang answer the question in the meeting one by one, and welcome senior investors with Lingruida.

Lingruida is at a new steps in the development, we need to have the new goals, set new steps on a new journey, and jointly write a new chapter of Lingruida. I wish Lingruida have a bright future and vigorous development!