Marketing Networks

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Marketing Networks

The management of marketing and sales of Londian Electrics is globally oriented, with commercial and distribution network across Europe, Asia, S.America and Africa, besides the domestic offices in more than 12 cities in China. In addition, a domestic and international business management system has been built up for the purpose of strengthening the connection of domestic and international markets. We also cooperate with our global business partners and agents to provide services in respect of product development, project management and after sales support.

Londian’s international business is in charge of the International Business unit. The department has a strong and professional team with global vision, the team is responsible for the following tasks for Londian’s global business.

  • Global Marketing Strategy
  • Global Market research
  • International Business Collaboration
  • Product Development
  • Communications
  • Global Project Management
  • Sales Support
  • Events/Fairs

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