Become the international top-notch enterprise
January 2013 ,  Londian was recognized as "Optional Enterprise for Main Product Needed by the National Power Grid Construction and Reform" from China electric power bidding management center.
2010-2012 , Londian totally was awarded a RMB 800 million business from State grid company program.
November 2012 , Londian's registered capital increased to RMB 50 million
December 2011 , Londian is recognized as "Shenzhen High-tech Enterprise" .
June 2011 , Londian attained "BS-OHSAS18001 occupation health and safety management system" certificate, and the new version of  "ISO14001 and ISO9001 Management System" certificate at the same time.
November 2010 ,  Londian became a member of "Shenzhen standard association group".
October 2010 ,  Londian was recognized as "Qualified Supplier of China Southern Power Grid Company".
January 2010 ,  Londian ranked No. 2 in the contest of "Shenzhen Energy Meter Measuring Inspector" .
October 2009 , Londian is recognized as  "National High-tech Enterprise".
October 2009 ,  Londian was choose to be "Optional Enterprise for Main Product Needed by the National Power Grid Construction and Reform".
2009 ,  Londian awarded the title of " the Eighth Shenzhen Quality Association Member Unit".
January 2009 ,  Londian's "Electricity larceny preventive single phase electric energy meter" is recognized as "Shenzhen independently innovative product identification".
January 2009 ,  Londian's single phase meter series and three phase meter series obtained "international standard product symbol" certificate.
December 2008 , Londian won "2008 Shenzhen Enterprise R&D subsidized Fund".
June 2008 , Londian was rated to be "Enterprise Responsible for Drafting the International Standard of Community  Energy Measuring and Meter Reading system " and "Enterprise Responsible for Drafting the International Standard of Low Voltage Power Line Carrier Meter Reading System" by the "National Technical Committee of Electrical Instruments Standardization".
December 2005 ,  Londian was awarded a title of "Advanced Enterprise of National Brand-name High-quality Products' After Service" from China Commerce Union.
December 2005 ,  Londian was listed in "2003-2005 Qualified Electric Product Enterprise Catalogue " by State Grid Corporation of China Measurement authentication group.
July 2005 ,  Londian became a member enterprise of China standardization association. 
May 2002 , Londian's Single phase meter series and three phase meter series were identified as best-selling product as confirmed by China Technology Supervision Information Association.
2002 , Londian exported 600,000 sets electric meters to worldwide markets. According statistics , from 2001 to 2002 Londian’s energy meters sales ranked No. 1 in China
December 2001 ,  Londian obtained "Shenzhen High-tech Enterprise" certificate.
March to July of 2001 , Londian exported 90,000 sets of energy meters to South America
October 2000 , Londian started to export meters to South America market.
April 2000 , Londian's energy meter passed South America testing standard
February1999, ,  Londian passed ISO9001 Quality System audit and was certified.
November 1998 ,  Londian was listed in "Optical Meter Enterprise Catalog" by State Economic and Trade Commission, and awarded the title of "Flower of China National Economy" by China Foreign Economy and Trade White Paper of Foreign Economic & Trading Committee, and won the access qualification of Electric Power Ministry product, and recommend products qualification of urban residential area construction pilot which is in charged by Ministry of Construction.
June 1998 ,  Londian hosted "National Multi-function Energy Meter Standardization Seminar" . 184 famous experts attended the meeting.
December 1997 ,  Londian produced the first  three phase electric multi-function energy meter  DSSD51
December 1996 , Shenzhen Londian Electrics Co. Ltd established.